The difference in electric Compact Electric Breast Pump material

- Jul 06, 2020-

1. PC material is lighter than glass, has better light transmittance, and is cheaper. Most of the baby bottles that appeared in the early days on the market are made of PC. However, scientific research has shown that PC material will release bisphenol-A after repeated heating, which will produce a large amount of hormones, which will lead to endocrine disorders in babies and precocious puberty. This kind of maternal and child products has been ordered in many countries in Europe and America. Banned.

2. PP material is mainly used to replace PC material. Scientific research has also shown that it is safe and non-toxic, not only lighter in weight, but also better in heat resistance. The only disadvantage is that the light transmittance is slightly poor.

3. Glass is the safest, non-toxic, durable, easy to clean, cheapest, but fragile;

4. Silicone material, safe, non-toxic, durable, does not need to be replaced regularly, high temperature resistant, economical, soft, more suitable for babies to use, shortcomings are not easy to clean;