The harm of improper use of electric breast pump

- Jun 29, 2020-

Some new mothers have plenty of milk, but after breastfeeding for half a month, the breasts on both sides are swollen and painful. After using a breast pump, the pain is even worse, and the nipples are red and swollen, which makes the baby unable to suck milk. This is a typical accumulation of milk caused by improper use of a breast pump, which is caused by a lack of breastfeeding experience. This phenomenon is very common in new mothers, especially in the three or four weeks after delivery. Mild cases will get better after milk drainage and hot compress. In severe cases, fever, breast swelling, inverted nipples, and mastitis may occur, you need to go to the hospital in time. The correct way to breastfeed is to eat one side of the baby empty and then eat the other side. However, some new mothers think that the breast cannot suck a drop of milk to be empty. Once they find that the breast is still producing milk and the baby is full, they will use a breast pump to drain the milk. The result is to accelerate the secretion of breast milk, causing the breasts to become more and more swollen, and it hurts when they touch. In this cycle, excessive milk discharge can easily cause milk to accumulate under the nipple and form induration, making it difficult for babies to express milk. If the breast pump is used too hard and frequently, the breast pump will be pressed against the surrounding tissues of the breast to swell up, resulting in inverted nipples, and the baby cannot hold the nipples at all and cannot pump breasts. Furthermore, over-swollen breasts are easily squeezed and form indurations if they do not pay attention to care during sleep. In fact, as long as the breasts become soft and do not swell, they are empty. The new mother's milk secretion is supplied according to the baby's body needs, not too much. Moreover, the breasts will discharge milk automatically and will not expand to the extent that the mother is unbearable. At this time, there is no need to use a breast pump, and it is better to let the baby pump out the milk by himself. Correct breastfeeding posture: place the baby’s head in the mother’s arms close to the chest, make the baby’s mouth cover the nipple and most of the areola, don’t just cover the nipple, new mothers will feel very painful at first. But we must persist, only if we persist, the milk will satisfy the baby's needs. In the evening, the mother is too tired, breastfeeding on the side is also a good posture. In the first few months, the mother should breastfeed on demand. As long as the baby needs it, she should breastfeed. Note: The breasts on both sides should be eaten alternately, otherwise it will cause different sizes.