The history of Compact Electric Breast Pumps

- Jan 01, 2021-

The first patented breast pump was born in the mid-19th century and is classified as a medical device used to treat inverted nipples or to help babies who are too small or too weak to suck. But breast pumps have become a handy consumer product, only in the past 20 years. It was not until 1991 that the world-renowned medical device manufacturer-Medela (a world-renowned medical device manufacturer) from Switzerland promoted the company's first electric and vacuum breast pump to the US market, rather than being limited to medical treatment. market. Jill Lepore wrote about this in the 2009 New Yorker magazine. Since then, breast pump sales have quadrupled. Breast pumps have become a common assistant for parents. When primiparas are discharged from the hospital after giving birth, they usually receive a breast pump as a delivery gift.