The most common misunderstandings in the use of Electric breast pump (1)

- Jun 15, 2020-

Use the breast pump immediately after delivery

You should know that after giving birth, when the breast duct has not been dredged, use a breast pump, the more you suck it, the more you block it, making the whole breast uncomfortable. Many mothers use the electric breast pump immediately after giving birth. After using it a few times, they find that the nipples and areola are all painful and even edema. This is all because breastfeeding is not successful, but the stuffing is getting worse.

Therefore, before using the breast pump, make sure that the breast is unblocked. Feed it by hand or squeeze it by hand. After four or five days, the breast is unblocked before using the electric breast pump.

By the way, if you want to breastfeed and only use a breast pump occasionally, let your baby learn to suck the nipples properly as soon as possible, and don't use artificial pacifiers or bottle feeding too early. Because the baby has little strength when he is still young, learning to suck at this time will cause minimal damage to the mother. If the baby learns to use a pacifier first, but fails to learn to suck the nipples correctly, it will cause sore nipples during parent-feeding and affect the mother's breastfeeding desire.