The most common misunderstandings in the use of Electric breast pump (2)

- Jun 19, 2020-

1. The longer the electric breast pump is used, the more milk

Many mothers have the idea that in order to produce more milk, they often do not follow the instructions and use an electric breast pump for more than half an hour or more. Although Li is such a principle, it can indeed produce more milk, but the consequences of doing so are still quite serious.

Excessive use of breast pumps can cause nipple and areola edema. Generally speaking, when using a breast pump, the combined use time of both breasts should not exceed half an hour, and the specific instructions shall prevail.

By the way, if you have not overused it, but still have nipple and areola edema, most of it is the problem of the horn cover, as mentioned above.

2. Use the strongest gear blindly

Many mothers who are not very patient will adjust the breast pump to the strongest position when using the electric breast pump at the beginning, in order to complete the breast pump within a period of time, or try to pump more milk. But such use, like using a breast pump over time, will cause damage to the nipple and areola.

If the electric breast pump has a massage function, try to massage it for three to five minutes before pumping, and then start from the weakest position and slowly increase the intensity.