The purchase elements ofBaby Food Supplement Cooking Machine

- Mar 08, 2021-

丨 Multifunctional

In addition to the necessary steaming and stirring functions, the high-end food supplement machine also has the functions of adjusting the fineness, thinness, thawing and heating of food. This can be selected on demand when choosing, and the function is directly proportional to the price.

丨 Capacity

The large-capacity food supplement machine puts more ingredients in one time, and the food produced is more nutritious; at the same time, it can make multiple meals for the baby.

丨 Grinding fineness

In terms of food grinding, it depends on two factors: 1. The motor speed; 2. The low distance between the stirring blade and the complementary food cup; the faster the motor speed, the closer the stirring blade is to the complementary food cup, the better the stirring effect (food The more delicate).

丨Complementary food machine material

Complementary foods are in direct contact with the ingredients, and high temperatures are generated during the working process, so choose materials that meet the standards, high temperature resistance, and environmental protection.

丨 Easy to use

The purpose of the food supplement machine is to let parents "lighten the burden" and have more energy and time to look after the baby. Therefore, the operation of the food supplement machine does not need to be too complicated, the simpler the better.