Two Difficult Problems about Breastfeeding

- Jan 28, 2021-

Breastmilk is the source of nutrition for babies, and it‘s beneficial to provide breastfeeding with babies. However, most of mums will face the two problems.

1.Cracked Nipples

A. Reasons

The wrong gesture.

Over-cleaning of nipples.

Pull out the nipple hard after the feeding.

B. Advice

Smear nipple repair cream after breastfeeding.

Use a nipple shield to protect the wound after breastfeeding.


C. Notice

Proper feeding position and nipple connection. Make sure that baby can contain to the areola.

Keep your nipples dry.

Air dry your nipples naturally after the breastfeeding. Notably, if you use a bra or nipple shield, it should be replaced after wet in time.

2.Breastmilk Engorgement

A. Reasons

The breastmilk is overflowing.

The Breasts are not emptied sufficiently.

Babies are not often allowed to suck the breasts .

B. Advice

Have your baby suck on one side and then the other. If one of your breasts can meet the need of babies, empty the other with breast pump.

Empty the breasts with breast pump and extrude the milk in time to prevent milk ducts from clogging and forming lumps or mastitis.


C. Recommend

NCVI breast pump is a good choice for mothers. The advantage of electric breast pump is that sucking time is short, especially the bilateral one, to avoid leakage of milk, and does not cost hands, so that you can read a book or play with mobile phone while milking.