Types of baby bottle sterilizers and how to use them

- Dec 26, 2019-

There are 5 types of baby bottle sterilizers: boiled bottle sterilizers, steam bottle sterilizers, drying bottle sterilizers, microwave bottle sterilizers, and ultraviolet bottle sterilizers.

1. The principle of boiled milk bottle sterilizer is to boil water to 100 ℃ and sterilize the baby bottle by high temperature. This sterilization method is suitable for sterilizing vessels over 120 ℃. Equipped with a feeding bottle basket, it can hold about 6 feeding bottles in general.

The method of use is: first put the cleaned milk bottle into the pot, put it into the pot, and then pour water into the pot without the height of the bottle and cover it. Put the baby bottle sterilizer on a gas stove or induction cooker and boil for 10 minutes.

2. The steam bottle sterilizer uses 100 ℃ high temperature steam sterilization, which is the most widely used method and the most thorough and effective disinfection method. The national tableware disinfection standard has adopted this method. The medical device disinfection standard is based on the tableware disinfection standard. This increases the pressure and temperature of the disinfection environment. This type of sterilizer does not have strict requirements on the structure and light transmission of the equipment to be sterilized, and is particularly suitable for sterilizing baby bottles and tableware. In addition, high-temperature water vapor can dissolve and peel off uncleaned milk scales in the bottle. This type of sterilizer usually has a water-drying automatic shutdown function. Since the water to be heated only needs about 100ml, it is more water-saving and power-saving. According to the national tableware disinfection standard GB14934-94, the disinfection time must be more than 10 minutes. This parameter should be considered when purchasing such products. The evaporating dish has an open stainless steel electric heating plate structure, which is easy to clean scales and prevent rust, perforation and leakage.

The method of use is: first clean the baby bottle, then put the baby bottle into the sterilizer, and then turn on the power, set the temperature and time for disinfection, press the on key, the disinfection starts after the indicator light is on.

3. The drying bottle sterilizer adopts steam sterilization to sterilize the milk bottle. The wall of the bottle will attach a lot of water droplets. The humid environment is prone to cause bacteria to multiply. In order to improve the cleaning time of the bottle, these products are used in ordinary steam bottle sterilizers. On the basis of this, a drying function is added, which is often referred to as a bottle sterilizer with a drying function. This type of bottle sterilizer is divided into two types of air extraction and non-air extraction according to the drying method.

The method of use is: first inject about 100ml of water into the evaporating dish, put the cleaned milk bottle upside down in the bottle storage basket, put the pacifier and bottle cap into a small storage compartment, and cover it. Turn on the power and press the disinfection button. This type of product is generally equipped with a disinfection and drying button to automatically complete the disinfection and drying procedures.

4. The microwave bottle sterilizer is actually a plastic container for feeding bottles. It does not have the disinfection function itself. It can also be called a bottle sterilization box. The working principle is to use a microwave from a microwave oven to heat the water in the bottle sterilization box to make it a high-temperature steam and sterilize the bottle in the bottle sterilization box. This type of sterilizer is suitable for feeding bottles and tableware made of non-metal materials with a height of less than 10CM.

The usage method is: first inject 200ml water into the bottle sterilization box, put the cleaned milk bottle in it, cover it, then place the sterilization box in the center of the microwave tray, turn off the microwave oven, choose the appropriate power, and time 10 minutes.

5. Ultraviolet light of ultraviolet bottle sterilizer refers to the invisible light outside the purple light in the spectrum. Due to the low energy of UV radiation and weak penetrating power, the blind spot cannot guarantee the disinfection effect. Therefore, this type of sterilizer is usually combined with ozone disinfection to make up for the defects of UV disinfection. In addition, this type of sterilizer is usually air-dried. The usage method is: first clean the baby bottle, then put the baby bottle into the sterilizer, then connect the power and start.

By knowing these 5 bottle sterilizers, in fact, the disinfection function is very good, and they can properly sterilize the baby's bottle. Therefore, mothers can choose a suitable bottle sterilizer for their baby according to their own needs. Bottle sterilizers are harmless, but moms have to buy them through large shopping malls, maternal and child supplies stores, or regular official websites.