What are the advantages and applications of microwave tube furnaces?

- Jan 20, 2019-

The microwave tube furnace adopts imported PLC control system, the system response time can be as short as 0.1ms, the microwave power is continuously adjustable, and the temperature control is accurate and reliable. The equipment adopts ceramic fiber material insulation structure, which can reduce the external temperature to normal temperature. It is easy to operate, reliable in sealing, and has high comprehensive performance indicators. It is at the leading level in China. The furnace tube can be optionally configured with materials such as quartz glass and ceramic tubes.


1, Mature equipment

The furnace type of the equipment is simple in structure and cost-effective, and can be easily realized as vacuum and atmosphere control. The temperature of the material body is detected between the temperature measuring facilities, and the temperature measurement is accurate and reliable.

2, Easy to operate

The microwave tube furnace can be pushed and pushed out between materials by pushing materials, without the need to open the furnace door, and the operation is simple. Changyi Microwave's fast-cooling microwave tube furnace can achieve rapid cooling. It takes only 10 minutes to cool from 1100 °C to below 100 °C. From 2 experiments per day to 6-8 experiments per day, the research can be greatly improved. Efficiency saves researchers valuable time.

3, Energy saving and reliable

Less power consumption and high thermal efficiency. Microwave heating is continuously adjustable, no thermal inertia, while the material absorbs microwave self-heating, no heat conduction process, and low heat dissipation.

4. Good atmospheric conditions When the atmosphere of the microwave tube furnace is flowing, the gas can flow directly through the surface of the reactants, the atmosphere conditions are good, and the reaction is easy to control. Most of the microwave tube furnace reaction tail gas and flue gas can be recovered and detected.

5, Easy to control, convenient to enlarge production

The equipment is simple in structure, easy to operate, easy to control, can enlarge the size of the tube furnace, and can also be combined with large furnaces for large-scale production. Easy to scale up production. The vacuum microwave tube furnace is a microwave rapid heating atmosphere tube furnace. An experimental environment with vacuum, controlled atmosphere and high temperature. Suitable for laboratory sintering, melting, elemental analysis, physical measurement, new materials, semiconductors, nanomaterials, graphene, metallurgy, chemical roasting, etc.