What is the benefits of breast pump?

- Oct 10, 2019-

The breast pump is divided into two types: an electric breast pump and a manual breast pump. The common use of the breast pump is to preserve breast milk and stimulate milk secretion. Breast pumps are generally suitable for infants who cannot directly suck breast milk or have problems with their mother's nipples. Well solved a lot of problems for my mother. And when the mother is not at home or going out for a business trip, the baby can still drink the mother's milk.

What are the benefits of a specific breast pump?

 1. When the mother can't feed the BB on time, she can use the breast pump to suck the milk out to the BB.

2, the use of breast pump not only promotes the early milk, but early milk is good for the health of the mother and the baby, BB can also eat colostrum in time, no milk powder

3, with the breast pump can clearly know the amount of milk, so you can know how much BB needs to drink each time, to avoid too much milk to BB, or not enough milk.

4, to avoid the BB team, nipples rely on.

5, can determine whether the milk is empty, sucking up the milk will not affect the milk production.

6, when BB long teeth, it will bite the nipples, the breast pump is very good to avoid BB to bite the mother's nipple nipple, resulting in inflammation.