Why the breast pump can not suck the milk ?

- Oct 08, 2019-

Many babies who are still breastfeeding use breast pumps. In the process of using, they will inevitably encounter insufficient suction or no milk. So what should we do? Xiao Bian summarizes several solutions to the above problems when Lansino electric breast pump has the above problems.

First, the problem of electricity:

If it is battery powered, try replacing the battery or connecting it to a power source. If you are troubleshooting power problems, you can start looking for faults and solve them in a targeted manner.

Second, the targeted inspection failure:

1. Check the suction valve on both sides for damage. The white suction valve of the breast pump is easy to break when cleaning, and if it is broken, it will affect the suction of the breast pump. If it is not bad, it will be eliminated. If it is broken, it needs to be replaced after sale.


2. Check that the position of the purple diaphragm is correct. The arrow mark of the purple diaphragm (as shown below) must face upwards. If the direction of the purple diaphragm is reversed, the breast pump will have no suction.


3. Look at the diaphragm cover of the breast pump and the body of the breast pump are not tightened, and the interface of each pipe is not tightly connected. Because the breast pump can only work normally in a closed environment, as long as one is not tightened or connected, the breast pump will have no suction.

4, the breast pump comfortably fit the silicone edge of the breast cup to be close to the breast skin, can not leave a gap. The silicone side of the breast cup sometimes deforms due to cleaning and disinfection, which affects the fit to the breast. At this time, it is necessary to adjust or replace the breast cup in time to ensure that the breast cup can closely fit the skin of the breast to ensure the suction force of the breast pump.


5. Make sure all accessories are dry before use. The breast pump fittings must be dried after washing. If there is water on the purple diaphragm, diaphragm cover and breast pump body, the suction force of the breast pump cannot be guaranteed. The catheter does not need to be washed. If it is not washed carefully, remove the tube from the diaphragm cover and turn it on for a few minutes to see if the air can drain the water inside. If you find that there may be moldy things inside, you must discard the tubes and buy new ones.


Third, contact after sales:

If the above situation is ruled out or failed to solve the problem, then it is almost a problem with the machine, you can contact customer service for after-sales processing.

Fourth, mother's own problems

If it is confirmed that the breast pump has not failed, it may be a mother's own problem, which can be adjusted from these aspects:

1. Ensure that the breast is unblocked and the breast is in a filled state to ensure the amount of breast milk sucked;

2. Hot compress or squeeze the breast with both hands to check whether the breast milk can flow smoothly, and it is impossible to check it;

3. Adjust the size and position of the breast cup to ensure that it fits snugly around the skin around the breast;

4. Relax your body and stimulate the milk line with the lactation mode of the breast pump. Apply heat or massage to help the milk flow out.


Because the frequent use of the battery will permanently affect the suction of the breast pump, it is recommended to connect the power supply as much as possible in order to maintain the best working condition for the breast pump.