Double Electric Rechargeable Breast Pump Cleaning Steps

- Feb 08, 2021-

The breast pump or storage container (except for sterile breast milk storage bags) needs to be cleaned for the first time.

Disinfect wipes to scrub the switch, regulator and countertop. After disassembling all components, rinse the parts in contact with the breast/breast milk with running water.

Use baby bottle cleaning fluid to clean the components. You can use a small brush to help remove milk stains, grease or dust. Rinse thoroughly, at least twice in hot water. Place the bottle and container on a clean towel or paper towel with the opening downward, cover them and let them dry naturally to ensure that no water droplets remain. The dried components are placed in a new plastic bag, plastic film, paper towel or airtight container. After each use, wash the container and small brush and let it dry naturally. It can be sterilized once a day along with the sterilization of the baby bottle.