Double Electric Rechargeable Breast Pump Is Not A Tool For Milking

- Feb 04, 2021-

A breast pump is not a tool for feeding milk, so it is still very risky to use a breast pump when the baby has not sucked the mother's nipple directly. If the best way to prescribe milk is to let the baby suck it, it's really impossible to find a professional lactator. If there are some special circumstances after childbirth that cause separation of mother and baby, you should ask the hospital for help to see if a medical breast pump is provided. Use a breast pump after giving birth, you may feel pain in your nipples, breasts, and even edema. Therefore, do not use the breast pump too early. It is best to gradually start using the breast pump to stimulate lactation after the mother's milk can be secreted normally, and at the same time save the expressed milk for the child to eat.