Dry Heat Sterilizer

- Apr 10, 2019-

The dry heat sterilizer is a square metal box made of double-layer iron plates, and the inner layer of the outer wall is provided with insulated asbestos sheets. Place a large stove under the box or install an electric coil in the wall of the box. There are several holes in the inner wall for circulating air. There are iron doors and glass doors in front of the box, and there are several layers of metal box plates in the box. A thermostat is placed under the front of the electric oven to maintain the desired temperature.

Pack the glassware such as petri dishes, straws, test tubes, etc. into the box and heat them with closed doors. When the temperature rises to 160 ~ 170 ° C, keep the temperature for 2 h, after the arrival time, stop heating, until the temperature naturally drops below 40 ° C, before you can open the door to take things, otherwise the cold air suddenly enters, easy to cause glass burst; Air spills often burn the skin of the taker. Generally, straws, test tubes, petri dishes, petrolatum, liquid paraffin, etc. can be sterilized by this method.

Sterilization effect monitoring is the main means to evaluate whether the operation of the sterilization equipment is normal, whether the sterilization agent is effective, whether the sterilization method is reasonable, and whether the sterilization effect is up to standard. The main monitoring methods for sterilization effects include: physical monitoring method, chemical monitoring method, biological monitoring method and monitoring of chemical disinfectants.