Electric Breast Pump Has No Side Effects

- Nov 20, 2019-

There are many benefits to using an electric breast pump, but if there are two sides, is there any side effect of the electric breast pump? I think many mothers have thought about this problem. It is normal to worry about it. After all, it is directly in contact with the breast, in case it damages the breast. In fact, as long as the mothers are careful when using them, there is no side effect when the milk is pumped up. The electric breast pump can also protect the nipples. When sucking, the breasts are even more comfortable. It is much better to squeeze the hand, which is the best protection for the breast. There is no side effect of the electric breast pump, but there are a few drawbacks. Let the mother network tell you what is wrong.

1, each time you want to see if the electric breast pump accessories are intact and complete, this is a bit troublesome.

2, after each use has to rinse, you have to disinfect the bottle often.

3, electric breast pump compared to the manual breast pump price is a little expensive.

4, cold days to heat to the baby to eat, more trouble.

Tip: These shortcomings of electric breast pump are quite small compared to their benefits. In general, young mothers still like to use electric breast pump to breastfeed their children, because this brings great Convenience.