How About The Nevi Breast Pump?

- Nov 04, 2019-

Seeing all kinds of brands of breast pumps, the full-bodied breast pump makes your mother dazzled and don't know how to choose. Because there are some problems that the mother's breast is not smooth, it is more difficult for BB to suck the milk; When the office worker mother can't hold the BB in time, she needs the help of the breast pump. Among them, the pigeon breast pump is quite famous, and many mothers love it, but some mothers don't know much about it, and they want to use this breast pump. How about the breast pump?

The nevi-mute silent electric breast pump features "silent". The unique silent motor is installed. For the office mother or the shy mother, the breast pump with the pigeon-mute type can guarantee a certain privacy. It is not a noisy BB to use this breast pump.

The nevi-type silent electric breast pump is simple and generous in design, and the button is clear and easy to find. The rotary button can be used to adjust the suction strength and the suction rhythm freely, which is convenient and easy. The accessories have matching pigeon nipples and bottles, so you don't have to worry about buying another bottle to store milk. Detailed instructions for use and the Breastfeeding Guide CD have prevented the mothers from using the wrong way because they are not familiar with them. The milk is not reflowed and it is easy to clean.