How To Choose A Portable Double Breast Pump Breast Shield

- Mar 24, 2021-

The mother may never know that the size of the shield/horn (tube diameter) of the breast pump and the size of the nipple do not match, which will also affect the effect of breast pumping. It shows how much milk can be pumped and whether the mother will hurt.

how to choose? Before pumping, use a ruler to measure the diameter of the nipple, and then add 3-4mm, which is the ideal size of the breast shield tube diameter, and then you can choose a suitable breast shield. It’s best to pump the milk after you have selected it to test the effect: "The nipple can stretch freely in the pipe diameter, and there is not much areola pulled into the tube. It does not hurt when pumping, and the nipple is not red, white or deformed, and the emptying effect is good" Is appropriate.

Note: In the early postpartum period, the size of the nipple will change; the size of the nipple on both sides may be different, and the size of the breast pump may also be different.