How To Choose Unilateral And Bilateral Portable Double Breast Pump

- Mar 22, 2021-

Studies have shown that the double-sided electric breast pump increases the milk volume by 18% compared with the single-sided alternate breast pumping, saving half of the breast pumping time. This means that if it is a mother who is at work or has a full schedule, or because of time constraints or pressure For mothers who have a large amount of milk on the pass line, the bilateral use can bring greater benefits. Especially for busy mothers, it is recommended to use a hands-free breast pumping bra. You can free your hands while pumping to play on the computer and use your mobile phone. Then the 15-30 minutes of breast pumping is a charging time you can arrange by yourself . Here I would like to recommend a breast pumping bra with a lot of breastfeeding. When used with a breastfeeding bra, it not only frees hands, does not need to remove the breastshield when installing, and the bottle is full without sagging. It is a great match for bilateral breastfeeding.