How To Disinfect The Nevi Breast Pump

- Nov 11, 2019-

The disinfection method of the breast pump is to use the breast pump after each use of the breast pump and after the process of sucking the milk, because the breast pump directly contacts the container of the breast milk, and only the milk is guaranteed. The anti-virus environment can provide a safe guarantee for feeding the baby, otherwise the baby may suffer from bacterial diseases such as hand, foot and mouth disease.

1. Before disinfection, first wash your hands with water and keep your hands clean.

2. Then, rinse each part of the breast pump with clean water, disassemble each part, and then wash them one by one. This is only the first cleaning.

3. Next, wash the parts of the breast pump with boiling water. After the scalding is completed, it needs to be dried and dried naturally.

Disinfection precautions:

1. Do not use any disinfectant, disinfectant paper towel, disinfectant or other disinfectant. Breastfeeding itself is bacteria-fed. If it is completely sterile, it is not good for your baby.

2. After the scalding is completed, dry it naturally, do not wipe it with towels, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

3, after the natural drying, if it is not used temporarily, then cover the top of the breast pump with a clean towel to avoid dust.