How To Use A Pressure Steam Sterilizer

- Apr 20, 2019-

The steam produced under a certain pressure has high humidity and strong penetrating power, and can kill microorganisms quickly and effectively. It is one of the main methods for sterilization of instruments. It is characterized by reliable sterilization, economy, rapidity and good sterilization effect.

Add water to the outer tube, and place the sterilized item into the inner tube. Cover the sterilizer cap and tighten the screw to seal it. Under the sterilizer, heat it with gas or electric furnace, and open the exhaust valve to drain the cold air. Otherwise, the pressure shown on the pressure gauge is not all steam pressure, and the sterilization will not be complete.

After the cold air is completely discharged (that is, when the water vapor is continuously discharged from the exhaust valve), the exhaust valve is closed. Continue heating until the pressure gauge gradually rises to the required pressure (typically 101.53 kPa, ie 15 psi, temperature 121.3 ° C), mediate the fire, maintain pressure and temperature (note the pressure should not be too large, to avoid accidents ), maintained for 15 to 30 minutes. After the sterilization time has elapsed, stop heating. When the pressure drops to zero, slowly open the exhaust valve to remove the residual gas and open the cover to take the object. Never open the exhaust valve suddenly when the pressure has not been reduced to zero to prevent liquid from escaping in the sterilizer.