Nevi Breast Pump Is A Tool To Help Postpartum Women To Alleviate The Pain Of Milking And A Helping Hand To Extend Breastfeeding Time.

- Nov 06, 2019-

Nevi breast pump is a tool to help postpartum women to alleviate the pain of milking and a helping hand to extend breastfeeding time. It is used with sufficient milk and smooth breast. Some women often have breast dysfunction (some of them due to congenital nipple depression) or insufficient milk. Therefore, it is recommended to perform a professional examination on the breast to confirm that the breast is indeed clear and the amount of breast milk is normal. In the case of buying and using a breast pump, the pigeon breast pump has many advantages, but we also need to master the method of use in order to show its advantages. Here we will introduce the use of pigeon breast pump!


1. Before sucking the milk, warm the breast with a fumigated towel and massage the areola to make the breast fully expand;

2, according to the suction of their own conditions, to suck milk;

3, the principle of sucking milk is about 8 minutes; (time should be controlled within 20 minutes)

4. Stop breastfeeding when there is pain in the breasts and nipples.