Sterilizer Classification

- Feb 10, 2019-

A sterilizer is an instrument that kills or removes all microorganisms on the vector, including bacterial spores and non-pathogenic microorganisms. There are usually three methods: wet heat sterilization, dry heat sterilization, and chemical sterilization.

1. Radiation sterilization equipment: medical gamma ray sterilizer.

2. Pressure steam sterilization equipment: pre-vacuum steam sterilizer, high pressure steam sterilizer, automatic high pressure steam sterilizer, vertical pressure steam sterilizer, horizontal circular pressure steam sterilizer, horizontal rectangular pressure Steam sterilizer, pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer, portable pressure steam sterilizer.

3. Gas sterilization equipment: ethylene oxide sterilizer, portable automatic gas sterilizer.

4. Dry heat sterilization equipment: dry heat sterilizer, microwave sterilizer.

5. High-voltage ionization sterilization equipment: high-voltage ionization sterilization equipment for operating room, high-pressure ionization sterilization equipment for ward.