The Benefits Of A Double Electric Breast Pumps (1)

- Dec 08, 2020-

The breast pump is not only a very convenient and healthy tool, but also has some benefits. It can help new mothers provide healthier milk for their babies, and can also help women to breastfeed scientifically.

1. Dredge the breast. Some women can't produce milk immediately after giving birth. In order for the baby to eat colostrum as soon as possible, a breast pump can be used to dredge the breasts and help milk.

2. Control the amount of milk. There is a scale on the breast pump. By sucking out the milk, you can accurately see the baby's milk intake and can track whether the baby's food intake increases in line with the normal amount.

3. Reduce damage to nipples. Many new mothers’ nipples are injured because they are often sucked by their babies. The babies will also become over-reliant on the nipples during sucking. The use of breast pumps can effectively prevent these phenomena.

4. After milk can be sucked out. Milk is divided into foremilk and hindmilk. Aftermilk is richer and has higher nutritional value than foremilk. With a breast pump, the baby will not miss the nutritious aftermilk.