The Benefits Of Massage Breast Pumps (1)

- Jan 06, 2020-

1. Help dredge the mammary glands, start milk as soon as possible, and give milk early, so that the baby can eat colostrum in time without using milk powder first.

2. You can clearly know the amount of milk you sucked out, and you can also determine the amount of milk your baby eats per meal, you can see that your baby's milk is good; avoid too much milk to choke your baby or too little milk to eat the baby . (Direct breastfeeding mothers are always worried about not having enough milk, and don’t know how to judge whether the baby is full or how much the baby’s milk volume has increased. Instead, suck the milk with a breast pump to compare the relationship between the baby’s month and the milk volume. If it is indeed insufficient, you can replenish formula milk in time; some mothers are rich in milk and spray-like, which is easy to choke the baby. This can also be avoided by sucking out and feeding with a bottle.)

3. The baby will not feed for too long each time, sucking is effective sucking, and will not develop the habit of biting the nipple to sleep; (direct breastfeeding will easily cause the baby's nipple dependence, so that the baby will suck for a long time, but the real The effective sucking time is not long and it is easy to develop the habit of sleeping with nipples.)