The Benefits Of Massage Breast Pumps (2)

- Feb 11, 2020-

1. Avoid baby sucking breasts and can only eat foremilk each time, but not the nutritious aftermilk; (the foremilk is generally clearer, the hindmilk is thicker, the nutrient content of the foremilk is not as rich as the hindmilk, and the baby Generally, effective sucking is only the first few minutes, and all the sucking is foremilk. Many mothers see that the baby is asleep or not sucking so much and will not let the baby continue to eat, which makes the baby miss the nutritious aftermilk. )

2. Mothers don't have to feed the baby anytime and anywhere, and don't have to keep the same posture for a long time, which will make the waist sore and leg pain;

3. It is basically possible to empty the breast every time, which can reduce the pain caused by milk rise; (it is easier to judge whether the breast is emptied with a breast pump, and only when the breast is emptied will it not affect the milk production.)