The Benefits Of Medical Electric Breast Pumps (3)

- Mar 12, 2020-

1. The baby is not easy to grow milk moss, and will not get the clothes wet; (direct breastfeeding can easily make the baby's face and neck full of milk, which can cause eczema. Of course, there are other reasons for eczema.)

2. The mother will not crack the nipples and avoid the pain caused by this; (baby sucking may bite the mother’s nipples, which can easily cause inflammation and cause the forced termination of breastfeeding.)

3. When the baby first touches the feeding bottle, he will not refuse the feeding bottle. It is convenient to feed the baby, and it also creates the conditions for the mother to go out during the lactation period or go to work in the future; (Many babies are used to the mother's nipples and refuse to eat the bottle nipple , Making it more troublesome to add supplementary food or water; and the mother herself wants to go out, always worried that the child has no milk to eat. If you use a breast pump, you can suck the milk out before leaving, put it in the refrigerator, and eat as you go. )

4. Easier when weaning. (There is no dependence on the mother’s breasts, and other foods can be added to the baby at appropriate time to gradually wean. Some babies refuse to eat other things when weaning, and the mother will be very painful)