The Compact Electric Breast Pump Can Be Used At Any Time In A Situation

- Apr 01, 2021-

1. Bao Ma is to feed the baby in the hospital;

2. Baoma’s breasts are very swollen (swelling and painful), so a part of the milk can be sucked out between feedings to relieve pain, which will also make it easier for the baby to suck;

3. Baoma’s nipples are sore or cracked. You can suck the milk and feed until the nipples return to normal.

Reminder: When you start breastfeeding, you will usually have different degrees of nipples chapped. As long as you can persist, it is generally recommended that you breastfeed.

4. Baoma should be separated from the baby, and hope to continue breastfeeding when reunited, and can pump out milk regularly to maintain milk secretion.