The Correct Use Of Portable Double Breast Pump (1)

- Mar 16, 2021-

Early separation of mother and child. You know, a breast pump is definitely not a tool for breastfeeding, so it is still very risky to use a breast pump when the baby has not sucked the mother's nipple directly. If there are some special circumstances after childbirth that cause separation of mother and baby, the first consideration is whether to seek help from the hospital, whether it can provide a medical-grade breast pump, and it is best to use massage and hand squeezing to prescribe and collect milk colostrum.

Most breast pumps available on the market are stated to be suitable for 4-6 weeks postpartum. The main reason is that the sucking method of newborns is not compatible with long-born babies, and the new mothers cannot secrete large amounts of milk after delivery, so the amount of colostrum is very small and thick. At this time, a regular breast pump is needed. The milk that is discharged from the breast is discharged, allowing the breast to form a self-circulation, thereby speeding up the milking. But at the beginning of using a breast pump, you may feel pain in your nipples, breasts, and even edema. Therefore, do not use the breast pump too early. It is best to gradually start using the breast pump to stimulate lactation after the mother's milk can be secreted normally, and at the same time save the expressed milk for the child to eat.