The Necessity Of A Double Electric Breast Pumps

- Nov 12, 2020-

More and more mothers have chosen to use breast pumps to make the breastfeeding process more scientific and healthy. Specifically, it has the following functions:

1. Ability to preserve milk. Sometimes, the mother has more milk and the baby has a smaller appetite. At this time, you can use a breast pump to store the milk. Working mothers need to work during the breastfeeding period. In order for their babies to drink milk normally during the day, they can also use a breast pump to store their milk in advance.

2. Stimulate milk secretion. The breast pump can also increase the mother's milk production. When the baby can't suck milk, the breast pump can not only relieve the mother's swelling and pain, but also effectively stimulate the secretion of milk and provide the baby with nutritious breast milk.

3. Ensure sufficient milk. When the mother is unable to feed the baby directly for a certain period of time due to physical reasons, the amount of milk secretion will gradually decrease. At this time, using a breast pump can ensure sufficient milk, and breastfeeding can continue after the body recovers.