The Suction Adjustment Of The Portable Double Breast Pump

- Mar 26, 2021-

During the ejection reflex, milk is squeezed out from the acinus. If it cannot be sucked by the baby or breast pump, the milk will flow back quickly, and the difficulty of triggering the next ejection reflex will increase.

Therefore, once the milk is observed to flow out, it is necessary to immediately switch from the stimulating milk formation to the breast pumping stage. Adjust the suction power to the maximum suction power that the mother can tolerate (maximum comfortable negative pressure: adjust the suction power from small to large, and feel uncomfortable and return one step without pain). At this time, the efficiency of breast pumping is the highest, and the trend of breast formation is fully utilized.

In addition, the milk ejection reflex occurs at the same time on both breasts, so the double breast pump can use the milk array to extract the most milk in the shortest possible time, which is most helpful for busy, low-milk or stressed mothers. If the mother's two nipples can tolerate a different suction, consider that neither side hurts. After sucking, adjust the suction to suck or massage or squeeze the side that is not well emptied.