The Wrong Way To Use A Breastfeeding Pump Machine (2)

- Jan 25, 2021-

Can't suck milk = no milk? This view is wrong, and the reason is related to the following three aspects

1. Breast milk is small and viscous (such as colostrum), so it is normal that no milk can be expressed. It is recommended to let the baby suck. For newborns, the amount of colostrum is enough to meet the baby's needs. 2. The breast pump does not completely wrap the breasts, causing the air to escape, and it may also result in the inability to suck milk. 3. There are many types of breast pumps, single and double-headed, manual and automatic. If the breast pain is severe when Baoma sucks, it means this breast pump is not suitable for you. Every baby mother has different breast nipples in different sizes, and a suitable breast pump and horn cover are crucial. Because of long-term use of an inappropriate breast pump, not only can you not suck milk, but it may also cause blockage of the breast.