The Wrong Way To Use A Massage Breast Pump (3)

- Jan 27, 2021-

Many mothers put their hopes on the breast pump when they encounter breast accumulation. They do not know that the massage function of the breast pump is of no use to solve the problem of breast accumulation. Excessive suction will cause blockage of part of the breast ducts and increase the pain.


When breastfeeding mothers have milk accumulation, the breast pump can only be used as an auxiliary function. Blocked milk may be caused by an obstruction of a certain breast duct, and there may be a small white spot or small white bubble on the nipple. If it is obvious, use a sterile needle to break it, and then squeeze out the appropriate milk. If the blocking of the milk is not obvious, the cause is not known, or it is very painful or feverish, it is recommended to seek medical treatment or a professional prolactinist.