What Is An Electric Breast Pump?

- Nov 13, 2019-

What is an electric breast pump? The electric breast pump can effectively help the mothers to open a lot of milk. The bad mothers have to go through the pain of rising milk. Some people say that the baby is not crying, and the milk is crying. To avoid the pain of rising milk, the method is: don't rush to drink broth and milk soup after giving birth, let the baby drink more, and then drink the soup. Let Momnet tell you what the electric breast pump is.

1. Accessories for electric breast pump

The electric breast pump is divided into two parts, including a breast pump part and a bottle part, wherein:

Breast pump section: a funnel cover (same i); b massage pad; c pump cover; d silicone diaphragm; e handle; f pump body; g white valve.

Bottle part: h bottle body; i base (same a); j dome cap; k special soft newborn pacifier; l screw ring; m sealed base; n sealing plate

2. The electric breast pump has a suction hole, and then there is a vent hole. When it is used, it must be used perpendicular to the ground, so that the milk will flow into the bottle below. If it is used, it may flow. Go to the suction hole. In actual use, some milk will splash into the air vent. Because the milk is sticky, it will stick to dust and other things and attach it to the hole wall of the air vent, so that the diameter of the vent hole will become more and more Small, and the suction of the breast pump will become smaller and smaller.