What Should I Do If The Manual Breast Pump Can't Suck The Milk?

- Nov 27, 2019-

Some mothers often feel that they cannot suck milk when using a breast pump. Two points of caution for using a breast pump:

1, too much milk, just like when the baby rises, the baby will be very difficult to suck at the beginning is a concept, this time you can squeeze a little milk and then suck.

2, the breast has a phenomenon of siltation, before using the breast pump, first use a relatively hot towel to heat the breast area, and massage from the base of the breast, then suck with a breast pump, sucked Repeat this action after sucking out the method.

If you use a breast pump, you need to pay attention to the frequency and posture of breast pumping:

1. When sucking milk, you can use one hand to lift the breast to be sucked up, and then put the bell mouth of the breast pump up, so that the fit will be better.

2, press the frequency, do not need to be too fast, press the pause for two seconds and then release and then press the rhythm, you can avoid the pain caused by the hand too fast.