Breast Reliever/Mother's Milk Feeding Necessities

Breast Reliever/Mother's Milk Feeding Necessities

Single electric breast pump with built-in lithium battery more convenient for mothers to outgoing use. LED screen shows the working time and status. The track ball can be rolled up/down to adjust the gear ball.

Product Details

Our Mobile Bottle Warmer, Baby Bottle Sterilizer, Baby Breast Pump maintains a leading position in the industry in terms of quality, practicality, product details and appearance design. If you wish to get more details about our company, You should contact with us now! We guarantee quality with scientific management, occupy the market with excellent quality, and win customers with high-quality service. The establishment of the common vision can let the staff get a better vision and space for development, and better establish the stability and combat effectiveness of the team.

Introduction of Mother Milk Pumping Machine

Mother Milk Pumping Machine is more convenient for mothers to use. The LED screen shows the working time and status. The track ball can be scrolled up/down to adjust the gear ball. Press the trackball to switch modes. The comfort of this breast pump can be adjusted. When you understand how your body handles breast pumps, it will become easier to maximize the amount of breast milk comfortably.






Breast pump

Place of Origin

Jiangsu, China

Brand Name



PP, ABS, Silicone




1000 pcs


EMC, Rohs, Reach, FDA, ISO9001, ISO13485, BSCI


Color box





1. Anti-back flow design

2. Micro USB power supply

3. Rechargeable battery

Advantage of Mother Milk Pumping Machine

1. This breast pump has a stimulation mode and a suction mode, you can adjust suction level to your desired comfort ability.

2. USB power gives the ability to charge through multiple sources.

3. Track ball allows for easy operate.

4. Compact and portable design allows for easy use and storage.

Application of Mother Milk Pumping Machine

1. It will automatically fit the shape of the sucking breast, then hold the bottle, and one hand will repeatedly squeeze the rubber suction pump rhythmically, so that it can be sucked out from the breast milk.

2. During use, if the suction is too large and causes discomfort, reduce the suction according to your own situation.

3. If you need to stop sucking, be sure to put the breast pump on the bottom to prevent breast milk from overflowing.

4. When obtaining the desired breast milk, remove the breastshield and replace the nipple directly after the care cover and nipple.

Factory Show

Our company manufactures high-quality Breast Reliever/Mother's Milk Feeding Necessities with rigorous scientific management system, modern advanced industrial equipment and high-quality professionals. You will be satisfied with our products. We provide specific product solutions and quotations. Our employees are conscientious, proactive, courageous, and committed to achieve their goals.
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