High Quality UV Lamp Sterilizer Bag for Baby Bottles

High Quality UV Lamp Sterilizer Bag for Baby Bottles

UV sterilizer for baby bottle is a vertical device used to disinfet the milk bottles. It is made of high quality ABS and stainless steel.

Product Details

We improve the level of equipment, but also by implementing fine operations can improve the qualification rate of the Single Breast Pump, BPA Free Bottle Sterilizer, Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer. We hope to realize the safe development, coordinated development, harmonious development, green development and sustainable development of the enterprise. With professional work, we have injected new vitality into many new and old enterprise brands, effectively enhanced the added value of the brand, expanded the popularity of the enterprise and made the enterprise and brand more outstanding on the broad market stage. Our company always adheres to the service tenet of 'honest service, continuous improvement, win-win cooperation, and customer satisfaction'. We can give customers strong technical support and quality assurance to ensure the accuracy, stability and reliability of the products.

Product Features

As we all know, as parents of a new baby, it's important to protect them from harmful bacteria, especially when you're out. The UV sterilizer for baby bottle is a vertical device used to disinfet the milk bottles or baby accessories. It adopts ultraviolet disinfection, which is 100% safe and healthy. The UV sterilizer Kills 99% plus of bacteria and viruses from pacifiers and bottle nipples within few minutes. The sterilizer is made of high quality ABS and stainless steel. The materials we use are odorless and nontoxic, has good resistance to corrosion and rust. This UV sterilizer for baby bottle is simple to operate with the digital panel, and you can easily choose different working modes. The two shelves allow you to sterilizer several bottles at one time. And the transparent part allows you to check its work status. It is easy to clean, too. The compact size makes it safe and convenient for family use. You can conveniently carry it around when you are out. It will bring you and your baby warm care and health. We believe that the quality of our UV sterilizer for baby bottle is superior and the price we offer is competitive. If you are interested, please contact with us!


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Product name

UV sterilzier



Place of Origin

Jiangsu, China

Brand Name



ABS. Stainless steel




1000pcs(first try order could be 500pcs)




Color box

Production dimension




Out put

116.5W (110W dryer power,6.5W sterlizer power)

Bacteria Kill Rate




In today's highly competitive High Quality UV Lamp Sterilizer Bag for Baby Bottles market, our company strives for survival with quality and development with integrity. We will expand the scale of the industry by establishing a sound corporate structure, improving scientific management, and making full use of market resources. Our company is based on science and technology, has a high-quality staff, with strong strength and excellent technical force to produce first-class quality products and create a first-class enterprise.


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